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  • Miniature circuit breakers  (MCB's)
  • Residual current devices  (RCD's)
  • Accessories for MCB's and RCD's
  • Surge protection devices  (SPD’s)
  • Modular DIN-rail components  (MDRC's)
  • Accessories for connection and installation


 For domestic / residential installations in emerging markets :

Typical breaking capacities 3 / 4.5 / 6 kA :  Compact Home SH200 T, SH200 L, SH200.


 For domestic or small commercial installations :

up to 10 kA breaking capacity : proM compact S200, S200 M.


 For industrial installations up to 25 kA breaking capacity and specials :

proM compact S200 P, S200 P-UC, S200 M.

 Special, selective, back-up MCB’s for for utilities, with high breaking capacity (25 kA) and full selectivity to downstream breakers, range S 700, S800.

For domestic / residential installations, for alternate and pulsating earth fault currents :

proM compact F200 AC / F 200 A with 30 / 100 / 300 / 500 mA earth fault sensitivity, up to 125A rated current.

Main RCCB's with delayed action for general protection against fire risk :

proM compact  F200 AC S/ F200 A S with 100/300 mA sensitivity.

Appr. 45 different functions, covering components in low voltage electrical installations, for :

- Protection Fuse holders, fuse switches, surge arresters, RCD relay, manual motor starters
- Command Switches, switch-isolators (1…4 poles, up to 125 A), push buttons, installation contactors, priority switches, latching relays, time delay relays, Auto re-closer, etc.
- Control Timers, staircase timers, monitoring relays, twilight switches, metering etc.